Tools for Budding Genealogists

Have you always been fascinated by your ancestors but had no idea how to learn about them?  Well, I can help you get started.  For a small fee, I will point you in the right direction with 1-3 documents (per family line).  If you like what you see and don't want to do the rest yourself, I can continue the search for you (see my rates on the Hire Me To Find Your Roots page).  If you only want guidance and nothing more then just say so.

You are welcome to order my locality guide for Norway to get you started on your research.  It is currently available and will tell you everything you need to know about researching your Norwegian ancestry ($10). 

Order my locality guide for Italy and get going on your Italian roots; this guide will be available soon ($10).  E-mail me at DynastySearch at for an update on the guide and when it will be available.

I plan on writing one for Sweden, too, in the near future.

Note:  My locality guides are thorough and filled with do-it-yourself tips.  If the guide is not enough to get you started or squeeze you through a brick wall,  I would be more than happy to answer any questions and hold your hand.  Just ask!

If you prefer to hire me to do the work for you, send me an email at DynastySearch at  But first see my page, Hire Me To Find Your Roots!

Valuable Tip
If you want to do the research yourself, be sure you fill out as much information as possible in a pedigree chart or family group sheet.  This will ensure you are asking the right questions and in the most helpful order.  Organization is vital if you want to take your research seriously. 

Below are links to free forms available for your use.  Once you have written down all the names and dates you know about, it will be much easier to get started on your family tree and family history.  It may also be worth it to get a subscription to  If a monthly subscription is too expensive, at least try the 2-week free trial and see what you can find. Be aware that it will be impossible not to spend some money on this research whether you do it yourself or hire a genealogist.  Archived record requests often require fees and so will ordering any microfilms from the local family history library.

Blank Family Group Sheet
Blank Pedigree Chart

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