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I specialize in U.S., Norwegian, Swedish, and Italian genealogy research (not necessarily in that order).  Should you decide to hire me, please provide me as much information as possible.  You can download a free pedigree chart form and/or family group form below and fill it in with as much information as you know.  Send the forms to me at DynastySearch@gmail.com.  If you already have some records or documents, please send me a photocopy or scan.  I do not wish for you to be charged for a duplication of your efforts or what is already in your possession.  However, they will still help me further the research, so do share any documents I need for your project.

Genealogy Research Rates
  • $50 -- Usually would give you 1-3 records, depending on the difficulty of the case.  This will provide you with a start, and from here, you can decide if you would like to continue with the research.
  • $200 -- Usually produces 6-10 documents.  You may add on $150 to your initial search fee of $50 if desired, but this will still yield you 6-10 documents total.  Note: some documents may require some extra expenses, which would be tacked on to the amount.  Generally, this would not be more than $20.  If it were to cost more, I would let you know in advance.
  • $25 -- Once $200 worth of work is fulfilled, an hourly rate may be charged.  We would discuss this before proceeding with the hourly rate, and you can provide a maximum number of hours you desire. 
  • $25 -- Hourly rate to scan your family history photos and upload them to an Internet site.  This includes a CD, which will be mailed to you.  Generally, 30-60 photos can be scanned per hour depending on DPI desired.  Photos usually need to be cropped and adjusted during the process. 

Photo Restoration Rates.

  • Contact us for a free estimate!

Pedigree charts, family chart reports, and any documents will be sent to you in bound or unbound format per your desire.  This is included in any research package!

A family Web site can also be created for you so you can easily share the information with your relatives.  A Web site would be created for an additional fee and would be dependent on the amount of work desired.  We would discuss your needs, and I would provide an estimate.


If for any reason your case is especially difficult or not in my area of expertise, I will refer you to an appropriate genealogist who can help.  If the project is in my area of expertise and for some reason hits a brick wall, I will only charge you for what has been accomplished.  In other words, if you wanted $200 of work and I could not give you the 6-9 documents but only 1-3, I will charge you $50. 

DynastySearch Rates

Don't forget to fill out the form(s) below and email to me so I can get started on your project!

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